How play H2h campaign without bugs and cheats

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#1by Cao Cao » 22.02.2015, 17:32

How play H2h campaign without bugs and cheats :


1. Before begin h2h match , players must begin Co-op campaign look that connect and how runing game . If connect have a bit lag - change graphic option to more simple.
2. Begin match with judge or administrator .
3. When begin match use tournaments match option ( don't forget how play battles ) . Players must together make saves all battles .( when battle finish player must wait 30 sec opponent make save ) . If player have not save ( have not time to did it ) he can tell about it to administrator and can ask judge agree play again battle .
4. When see battle loadingscreen dont use steam chat and dont left loading screen becouse 50 % probobly come bug . Not use 3 x speed , just x 2 .
5. Every turn make a lot saves ( before begin battle ,after battle and when play own turn ) ,make screenshots .
6. Use Fraps and Team viewer record interesting and important moment of match.
7. If player think what his opponent use cheats , he must send message to judge or to Administrator .
8. When game be hold ( be save ) make copy of steam chat with opponent , make game save and screenshot .
9. Rome2 H2h campaign better play 11directx with 11 directx or 9 directx with 11 directx .
10. If player have old PC he must tell about it to administrator ( judge ) before match begin and change with him graphic option .
11. If both opponents have bug in the match .They must with judge ( admin ) change graphic option . If bug come again judge ( admin ) determines the player because there is a bug ( judge or admin can play with each opponents some turns ). If the player , because there is a bug , can not change own PC or connect errors , he left tournament .
12. If come bug players loading latest save before bug and delete saves with bug .
13. Prohibited sand save to each other try fix dysc bug .
14. When campaign be finished make victory screenshot ( strategy map 2-3 , campaign results 2 ).

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