Empire Total War 2v2 Tournament

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#1by Sherl » 12.06.2013, 22:00

Empire Total War 2v2 Tournament

Информация / Information:

Игра / Game - Empire Total War
Организатор / Organizator - site Clan Community Shield
Место проведения / Place - forum CCS link
Время / Time - July - December 2009
Дисциплина / Discipline - 2vs2
Формат / Format - Play-off
Кол-во игроков / Participants - 30 teams

Победители / Winners:

1 место / 1 place - USSR vallllera and SP Tween
2 место / 2 place - Glandeur Sylquartz and Gasp
3 место / 3 place - VM Varyag and Fess / IMP Indigo and Lechat (бой за 3е место не проводился / battle for 3rd place not played)

Награды / Awards:



Сетка / Bracket:

Ссылка / Link - http://www.bracketmaker.com/tmenu.cfm?tid=337385



IMP Indigo and LeChat vs USSR Lacostas and Sergey - technical victory IMP
IMP Paulus and Almasy vs VM Varyag and Fess - technical victory VM
USSR vallllera and SP Tween vs WoC Alper and Fahrettin 2 - 1
Glandeur Sylquartz and Gasp vs Aggony Okeenan and Methias 2 - 0


VM Varyag and Fess vs USSR vallllera and SP Tween 1 - 2
Glandeur Sylquartz and Guasp vs IMP Indigo and Lechat 2 - 0


Glandeur Sylquartz and Guasp vs USSR vallllera and SP Tween 0 - 3

Список участников / List of patricipants:

1.[Glandeur] Sylquartz***** [Glandeur] Gasp****
2.[Glandeur] Abibi*****[Glandeur] Falcon****
3.Aquila and Ranger (Arcani)
4.Lance and Spart (Arcani)
5.Uhtred & Hekko (WoC)
6.Alper & Fahrettin (WoC)
7.Varyag and Fess (V-M)
8.Kelt and Milhouse (V-M)
9.Valllera & S.P. Tween(USSR)
10.AnafemA & Stalk(USSR)
11.Sergey and LaCostas(USSR)
12.Creasy and of_Olaru(USSR)
13.Aizenkur and Gapcio(IMP/SB)
14.Almasy and Paulus(IMP)
15.tklama and wolfenstein(IMP)
16.Indigo and LeChat (IMP)
17.Reborn and Pitfire (Aggony)
18.Okeenan and Methias(Agonny)
19.AggonyMarshall and TLG Bushranger(Aggony/TLG)
20.Marek and Rossoneri (SC)
21.PIAST Olafo and Wyrod (SC)
22.Synoptic and Blonkers (TLG)
23.Clausewitz and teคм.ђзll(TLG)
24.Angelos and Aileron(BW)
25.Cezar013 and Dimon_v (EOS)
26.Evgenn and owerlock (EvilBears)
27.Diablo and Daniil (VM)
28.Ataman and Evgen (VM)
29. Witcko and Jisso(Glandeur)
30.Wind and SalmonMoose(Arcani)
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